Saturday, December 7, 2013

Melthair's Best Ales

After careful deliberation, the Melthair reviewers have selected their finest ales from the 1000+ reviewed on this blog. It's a mixture of the wild and familiar. Click on the link below the photos to find the original review and then go out and try for yourself. The ales are in no particular order, but if you are wondering what is the best ale of all? Find out at the bottom!

Magic Rock - Human Cannonball 

"An awesome mouth-feel. Dear god. This is so nice."

Dogfish Head - Palo Santo Marron

"Whoa Momma! A real treat!"

Durham Brewery - Bede's Chalice

"An American hopped Belgian style triple turns out to be a wonderful thing."

Skinner's Brewery - Betty Stoggs (Draught only) 

"A lovely warm hug from a friendly golden retriever!"

Hopback Brewery - Summer Lightning (draught is better)

"Would you buy 4? - I couldn't imagine a reality where I wouldn't."

Gower Breweries -Gold  

"This is a perfect beer garden ale... it's just really delicious."

Kingstone Brewery - 1503 Tudor Ale 

"An almighty taste -  4 of these would transport you back to 1503!"

The Very Best?

It's hard to say, but at a push...

Wye Valley Brewery - Butty Bach 

Draught only AND only from the Three Tuns in Hay on Wye

A disappointment in bottled form, and inconsistent on draught, how could this be the best of the 1000+ ales we have reviewed? The wizardry of ale is the answer!  
If you manage to get a pint of Butty Bach in the Three Tuns at the precise moment when all the elements combine (weather, company, preceding events, snack choice and so on and so on) then you will get the closest thing we have ever tasted to 7 stars - a perfect ale. If one of those elements is out of place, then bad luck. But it's got be worth a try, right?

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Neil Young said...

Great list! Will try them all.

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